Jackie Lee

International star Jackie Lee is the face of our new high-end TeMana line

She’s a model. She’s an actress and entertainment personality. She’s an author. She’s an expert on healthy living. A woman of many talents, there’s clearly no better official spokesperson for Morinda’s TeMana high-end beauty products than Jackie Lee.

Jackie LeeWhat say we get to know her some more?

Jackie had a unique upbringing that introduced her to a variety of cultures. Born in Hawaii to Japanese and Chinese parents, she eventually graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles. Following her graduation from UCLA, she moved to Taiwan in 1998, where she currently resides with her husband and two children. Once there, she began a career in the entertainment industry. Jackie has appeared in movies and on television, and is a staple on the region’s most popular talk shows. She has also had a successful career as a fashion model.

But Jackie is also focused on healthy living. She is a certified yoga instructor, and is the author of a book titled “Experience Yoga.” She also runs wildly successful social media accounts focused on whole-body healthy living.

Regarding TeMana, Jackie said the following:

“I love the TeMana brand Noni Skin-brightening system. Skin-brightening is a lovely concept. It refers to the radiance of your skin. It refers to the glow, or the vibrancy of your skin. And everybody, regardless of ethnicity, age or background, has the same goal when it comes to skincare: Everybody wants vibrant, glowing, beautifully healthy skin.

“That’s what the TeMana Noni delivers.

“You know that feeling when you have a treatment, like a facial or a spa treatment? And afterward, you walk out of the spa and you feel like your skin is glowing, even though you’re not wearing any makeup? That’s what skin-brightening means to me, and that’s the feeling I get when I use TeMana brand Noni products.

“My demanding schedule often leaves my skin feeling dry and damaged. But since using TeMana brand products, I’ve seen amazing results. My skin glows and looks vibrant. Sometimes I find I don’t even have to wear makeup to go out. That’s how good my skin feels.”

Morinda is honored and excited to have Jackie endorse our TeMana line. We knew we needed an exceptional spokesperson to represent an exceptional line of products unlike anything we have offered before, and Jackie fulfills that.